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Analyst – Police Staff – Data & Analysis – Counter Terrorism Policing HQ

Job Title: Intelligence Analyst – Counter Terrorism Policing

Salary: The starting salary is £37,289, which includes allowances totalling £2,841.

The salary is broken down as £34,448 basic salary, which will increase annually until you reach the top of the scale at £36,864. Plus, a pensionable location allowance of £1,841 and a non-pensionable allowance of £1,000.

In addition, after two years in post and completion of your IPP (Intelligence Professionalisation Programme) certification, you will be eligible for a pensionable market related allowance (MRA) of £3,000. Existing Intelligence Analysts may be eligible to receive the allowance sooner, depending on experience and commitment to achieving IPP certification. Please note, the value of the MRA is subject to annual review.

Most roles in CTP also attract a shift disturbance allowance of up to 12.5% of your salary.

Information About The Role

As an Intelligence Analyst within Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) you will assess and analyse intelligence to create intelligence products which will provide insight to senior CTP leaders to support decision making and drive operational activity. You will be asked to make recommendations to direct the business to mitigate threat, harm and risk.  This includes working across Islamist, Right Wing, Left Wing, Anarchist and Single Issue thematics to understand the threat from Terrorism to the UK.

You will have the option to work either in CTP National Headquarters, analysing strategic threats to the UK or within the London Region (SO15), which responds specifically to the threat of terrorism in the capital. Your role will be pivotal in understanding the threat from terrorism and extremism both in London and across the UK. This will include supporting live counter-terrorism investigations including attack planning in London, or outside the UK where British Nationals are involved.

Key Skills

The post holder will be required to do the following:

  • Collate, evaluate and process data for analysis, apply critical thinking methodologies and structured analytical techniques.
  • Produce concise assessments that identify intelligence gaps and generate recommendations.
  • Work to a high level of integrity, routinely handling Secret information.
  • Influence and negotiate with Senior Leaders and decision makers.
  • Clearly present and explain your analytical products to internal and external audiences.
  • Work both independently and as part of a larger team.
  • Undertake continuous professional development, including working towards IPP certification (Intelligence Professionalisation Programme) within two years.

How to Apply

Apply to the role by clicking the button below. Further information about the role is also available via this link.