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Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA) – Police Staff – Counter Terrorism Policing NW

Contract type – Full Time

Grade – Grade E

Seconded to Greater Manchester Police Grade I for the duration of the secondment.


Information about the role

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Established in April 2007, CTPNW exists as one of five Counter Terrorism Units (CTU’s) within a National Counter Terrorism Policing (NCTP) framework, designed to strengthen the UK’s response to the threat from terrorism. The threat we face, not just here in the NW but across the UK, is diverse and manifests itself in different forms, from International to Northern Ireland-related Terrorism and, increasingly, Domestic and Far Right Extremism.

In April 2018, the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NWCTU) became Counter Terrorism Police North West (CTPNW), reflecting a formal collaboration between the five NW police forces. This followed a review undertaken in 2015 of how the Special Branch operate. As a result, changes have been actioned to streamline processes across the NW region to ensure they are consistent, maximise opportunities and deliver unified working.

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The Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs) provide counter terrorism awareness training to the public as well as working closely with businesses, representatives of trade organisations, professional bodies and the community, making sure their protective security measures and plans are kept up to date with the latest counter-terrorism security advice.

Job Purpose

To identify and assess critical sites across the NW region that might be vulnerable to terrorist or extremist attack, devising and developing appropriate counter terrorism strategies and protective security plans to minimise the impact to the sites and the surrounding communities and promote awareness of such threats by engaging with partnership.

To assist Command with policy relating to counter terrorism and allied matters.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

To provide appropriate and effective counter-terrorism and protective security advice to safeguard the population of the NW region, designing policy and strategy for delivery and implementation where required.

Such advice is required for sites and sectors determined at both national and local levels, and will include a broad spectrum of venues such as crowded places (CP), critical national infrastructure (CNI), hazardous substance sites (HSS), and public realm spaces, as well as the provision of personal security advice.

In some areas this will require compliance with statutory legislative obligations, particularly with regard to hazardous substances and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act, 2001.

Under the direction of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), CTSAs are required to complete detailed and comprehensive written reports including risk assessments and site security surveys, to national standards and influence implementation of the recommendations made.

Complete, maintain and submit accurate and timely records of work undertaken for monitoring and accountability purposes. This, along with other tasks associated with the role, will require the handling of sensitive information in an appropriate manner.

The post holder should have the ability to advise on, contribute to and guide large developments, by engaging successfully with architects and planners to encourage the consideration and incorporation of protective security measures.

Working relationships must be developed to encourage the uptake of prescribed advice, and the post-holder will likely have to work within and overcome financial constraints to achieve this. Though they will have no direct responsibility for finance, they will be expected to identify best-value and seek efficient and effective operating costs within large projects, often using problem solving skills.

CTSAs serve as a focal point within the police service for counter-terrorism and protective security advice. They are also required to engage with other disciplines, internally and externally, to ensure a coordinated approach to counter-terrorism security.

CTSAs also support and advise their local force, CTPNW, and NPCC and various Government agencies in the development of strategies, business continuity and the response to incidents and operations related to counter-terrorism and other forms of extremism.

Post holders must be able to have effective communication skills and professional credibility to influence and persuade key individuals to accept and act upon protective security advice given. To overcome the financial challenges associated with target hardening of vulnerable sites.

Liaison with Government agencies and offices such as NaCTSO and the CPNI is critical to the role and the post-holder will represent their force, region, and the wider CTSA network in pieces of work that may have a local, national, or international scope/ impact.

CTSAs are required to promote awareness of the terrorist threat and encourage the uptake of counter-terrorism awareness, advice, and guidance, which may be delivered through presentations and public speaking, often to large audiences. CTSAs must be able to deliver the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness products to national standards.

You must successfully complete the CTSA Foundation Course upon appointment and is required to maintain occupational competence and accreditation through commitment to ongoing continuous professional development.

They may also be required to assess the work of peers and encourage peer development through the sharing of best practice.

CTSAs will be expected to support the Head of CTPNW and / or ACPO in the development of Counter-Terrorism strategies, Business Continuity Plans and in responding to local and national Counter-Terrorism operations.

You will also undertake other tasks and duties commensurate with the nature, responsibilities, and grading of the CTSA role and, where occasionally required, the Principal CTSA.

Must be willing and able to work flexibly, sometimes outside of office hours, and travel to attend courses across the UK and provide regional resilience across the CTPNW collaboration area.

The successful candidate will be required to comply with applicable force policies, specifically those related to health and safety, and fairness at work.

Successful candidates will only be deemed eligible for the role once they have achieved ‘Security Cleared’ vetting status and will be expected to comply with the requirements associated with this

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