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Intelligence Manager – OCC – Intelligence Management Unit – Detective Chief Inspector – Counter Terrorism Policing NW

Contract type – Full Time


Counter Terrorism Policing North West (CTPNW) is a five-force collaboration delivering Counter Terrorism (CT) services to our regional forces as well as forming part of the national CT Network. Our staff work to the Government’s CONTEST strategy under the four pillars of Prevent, Protect, Prepare and Pursue. We use a functional model with Senior Responsible Officers, line managed by the CT Head, leading areas of Investigations, Intelligence, Business Services, Borders, Special Projects, Prevent and Change.

CTPNW’s mission is to work together to keep people safe from terrorism. Our priorities focus us to drive business through performance, improvement, and transformation so we can continue to counter the ever-changing threat of terrorism and extremism. Operational oversight and governance is managed by the CT ACC and the CT Head coordinates delivery against the four strands of CONTEST strategy (Prevent, Protect, Pursue and Prepare) in collaboration with local policing teams and other partner agencies. At the heart of CTPNW is our people, we are committed to continuing to make the CTPNW a great place to work.

For us to reduce the risk and threat of terrorism and protect the public, our people need to be at their best. They can only be at their best if they are able to be themselves at work and are supported through development and learning within their current role and future roles within the network.

The CTPNW Intelligence DCI in Merseyside Cheshire is an integral member of CTPNW SLT.  You will be a valued representative of the CTPNW Intelligence team, headed by Det Supt Helen Collier, your peer colleagues will be DCI’s from GMP and Lancashire and the CTPNW Head of Analysis. You will be encouraged to maintain links with Merseyside and Cheshire, updating senior officers on ongoing case work and representing CTPNW at relevant force meetings.  You will own and manage intelligence casework and be responsible for the intelligence assessors and intelligence development units in Merseyside and Cheshire.  You will be given relevant training to support you in your role and be encouraged to develop effective relationships with national security partners.  Your usual place of duty will be the OCC in Merseyside however flexibility can be discussed.

If you would like further information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Detective Supt Helen Collier,

Information about the specific Job



  • Supervise personnel and manage staff performance in the CPTNW.
  • Maintain discipline and ensure Force and Departmental Orders are complied with.
  • Ensure staff welfare and training needs are met.
  • Allocate work to staff and quality assures work undertaken by staff in the branch.
  • If you have responsibility for staff; to manage staff development, performance and attendance using appropriate policy and procedure.
  • Manage staff performance using the Annual Development Review process, ensuring annual and interim meetings take place and objectives are agreed and actioned.
  • Monitoring sickness and compliance with Force Attendance Policy.
  • Supervise complex enquiries.
  • Ensure staffs are working in compliance with appropriate risk assessments.



  • Prepare reports on more complex issues as required relating to both operational and policy matters.
  • Ensure all property and equipment is properly dealt with.
  • Ensure overtime and expense claims are monitored and authorised where appropriate.
  • Authorise and monitor annual leave and sickness leave.
  • Process paperwork and correspondence.
  • Ensure security of all CTPNW assets.
  • Prepare and give briefings to CTPNW staff and other agencies.
  • Assist in the monitoring of budgets.
  • Use the computerised systems within the branch to supervise research and administrate investigations.
  • To fully participate in the development review process.
  • To promote and comply with Business Continuity Management as it affects the Force in relation to planning and service delivery in compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act. .
  • To comply with the requirements of the policies on Drug and Alcohol testing – requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are available on the Intranet/SharePoint.



  • Lead the work of the CTPNW Intelligence Management Function ensuring the timely and effective receipt, assessment and management of intelligence in line with National Standards of Intelligence Management.
  • Support the delivery of the CTPNW delivery plan.
  • Support and drive the development of the intelligence collection plans in conjunction with the relevant BCU, partner agencies & key individuals.
  • To work closely with CTPNW Prevent related work (as outlined in the Governments CONTEST strategy) to ensure that risk and threat is effectively managed.
  • Act as CTPNW duty officer on a rota basis.
  • To perform other supervisory and managerial duties within the CTPNW as required.
  • To liaise as necessary with the Security Service in relation to intelligence and information involving National Security and Terrorism.
  • Supervise the production of intelligence packages as directed.
  • Identify sensitive intelligence/material, ensuring its security and correct handling and manage any documentation in compliance with CT Network classification guidance.
  • Develop intelligence strategies, progress lines of enquiry, and identify potential new ones, making recommendations when necessary.
  • Supervise the preparation of intelligence, analytical assessments and summaries.
  • Follow developments in investigations in order to capture intelligence and identify further intelligence requirements.
  • Identify opportunities and suggest tactics to address intelligence gaps and information requirements.
  • Maintain an awareness of the local force and district police areas intelligence requirements, informing the CTPNW of issues in the investigation that may have an impact.
  • Ensure that intelligence activity is undertaken in compliance with all relevant legislation (CPIA, RIPA, DPA, HRA) and according to national standards of good practice (i.e., MIRSAP, NIM).
  • Undertake Operational lead responsibilities for intelligence collection operations, ensuring the correct legal authorities are obtained, using a variety of techniques using both overt and covert methodology.
  • Identify potential Covert Human Intelligence Sources ensuring activity complies with legislation and force policy.
  • Manage and Chair MAPPA meetings and Nominal Management
  • Identify requirements for resources, identify and warn staff accordingly.
  • Ensure operational activities are fully risk assessed and documented.
  • Complete and regularly review risk assessments for staff working in the unit, or for other activities as required in compliance with Health and Safety at Work legislation.
  • Ensure compliance of staff with the Home Office counting rules for Recorded Crime, the National Crime Recording Standard and minimum investigative requirements.
  • All staff and officers must adhere to and comply with Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Human Rights legislation and the Authorised Professional Practice (Information Management). It is the responsibility of all staff and officers to maintain data quality and security. Therefore when inputting, updating and using necessary Force information, you are to ensure that it is Accurate, Adequate, Relevant and Timely (AART), and that it is used / disclosed for business purposes only and kept secure.  The most current guidance and advice in respect of compliance with the legislation and information / records management standards can be found on your force Information Management Intranet site/Information Services SharePoint site.
  • Supervisors and managers have the additional responsibility of ensuring that staff undertake the appropriate training and fully understand and apply the required Force policy, procedures and information / records management standards in the course of their duties. Supervisors and managers should ensure that staff / officers understand their responsibilities in maintaining data quality and security and have appropriate processes in place to monitor compliance.
  • To maintain a level of specialist knowledge within specific areas that poses a threat to national security.


Other Information –

As at 1st April 2022, an HR Secondment Model was implemented for all posts at CTPNW.  This means that all officer and staff posts that are based in Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire or Merseyside, are seconded to CTPNW c/o Greater Manchester Police.

If you are a police officer from the any of the 4 forces named above and are successful in your application for this CTPNW post, you be seconded to CTPNW c/o GMP and you will be located at Merseyside.

If you are police officer from GMP, you will be seconded to CTPNW you will be located at Merseyside.

If you are police officer from any other Force you will transfer to Lancashire Constabulary and be seconded to CTPNW c/o GMP. You will be located at (insert name of your Force).

This is a designated post under the Force Vetting Strategy and the post will therefore attract an enhanced level of vetting.

This post requires access to the most sensitive intelligence material on a daily basis. Applicants must hold or be prepared to undergo National Security Vetting (NSV) level before taking up the post.

Additionally, this material is of particular sensitivity to the UK and its distribution must be restricted to UK nationals. In approved circumstances dual nationals (of which one element is British) may also be granted access. However, in the event that potential conflicts of interest cannot be managed the post holder will not be able to see the intelligence material and will not be able to perform their duties. For the purpose of safeguarding national security and in line with Cabinet Office Policy, supported by Section 82(2) to (4) of the Police Reform Act (2002), applicants who do not hold or acquire Security Check (enhanced) (SC(e)) or Developed Vetting (DV) clearance and meet the nationality requirements cannot be offered the post

For further information regarding the National Security Vetting process, please click the following link:’

Please note for applications which carry enhanced vetting you should have resided in the UK for the last 5 years.

CTPNW is committed to achieving an inclusive and diverse workforce reflective of the communities we serve and would welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds.


How to Apply

Apply to the role by clicking the button below. Further information about the role is also available via this link.