National Organisational Learning and Development Officer | Counter Terrorism Policing

National Organisational Learning and Development Officer

The CTP Organisational Learning and Development Unit (OL&D) is a dedicated team responsible for strategic development and improving & implementing knowledge management and learning systems across the CT Network. The role of the National OL&D Officer includes supporting the CT Network with the co-ordination, development and delivery of Counter Terrorism exercises involving strategic partners and the implementation and quality assurance of organisational learning processes across 9 CT regions.  You will set national priorities, support and provide guidance to OL&D staff throughout the CT network under an agreed matrix-management protocol, and quality assure organisational learning, assessment and progression.

  • To support national projects aligned to the National CT Organisational Learning Strategy to develop an interoperable Organisational Learning capability for the CT network.
  • To make complex decisions and provide strategic direction and taskings to NCTP funded regional OL&D posts
  • To plan and organise individual and team activities including setting aims/objectives and managing actions for delivery within set deadlines.
  • To produce management reports including project proposals/business cases and performance reports.
  • To develop and build relationships with partner agencies in relation to organisational learning & development, including national leads in the Security Service, MOD and Home Office.
  • To lead and coordinate working groups/conferences and represent the unit at National Working Groups to promote shared learning and operational improvement.
  • To support the development, implementation and management of the Network-wide Organisational Learning System IT application, which tracks lessons progression from identification (via exercises, operational debriefs and thematic reviews) through to resolution, testing and closure.
  • To co-ordinate, design, prepare and deliver National Counter Terrorism exercises involving the Police CT Network and facilitate opportunities for learning and testing of new operational initiatives in accordance with the National OL&D Strategy.
  • Support planning, delivery and production of National Operational debriefs and delivery and production of debriefs for Operational activity and National CT exercises.
  • To manage the quality assurance regime for the CT Network in capturing, validating and evaluating organisational learning activity across all CT units to ensure that exercising, debriefing and lessons capture processes are consistent and comply with national standards.
  • Promote and comply with NPCC policies on equal opportunities and H&S both in delivery of services and maintenance of discipline and professional standards for Organisational Learning activity across the UK.
  • To support the Unit in the development and delivery of national CT training programmes and continued professional development of national cadres.