PC/DC - Border Policing (Ports) | Counter Terrorism Policing

PC/DC – Border Policing (Ports)

There are currently applications sought from Detective Constables/Police Constables for projected vacancies within the Counter Terrorism Border Policing Team (formerly Special Branch) at London Luton Airport.

This advert is open to officers within the region from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

At this time this advert is not open to Essex or Hertfordshire police officers.

This is an opportunity for highly motivated officers to assist in tackling the threat of terrorism. The current threat to the UK is considered SEVERE therefore protection of our borders is paramount. Police officers, intelligence partners and the UK Border Force have to work together to tackle the threat of terrorism.

London Luton Airport is fast becoming one of the busiest ports in the United Kingdom. Examining Officers who work at ports have a vital role to play in tackling terrorism by utilising powers from Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act. This legislation allows Examining Officers to identify persons to ascertain if they have any involvement in terrorist activities. Officers who are successful in their application will be provided a training course in Ports Policing and upon conclusion will be accredited as Examining Officers.

Examinations consist of questioning subjects, searching property and conducting media examinations to collect vital intelligence to assist in protecting the country from the threat of terrorism. This exciting opportunity allows Examining Officers to work in partnership with the intelligence services, UK Border Force and the National Crime Agency.

Examining Officers have a responsibility to engage with the public and maintain key partnerships with commercial employers and law enforcement at London Luton Airport.