Police Constable/Detective Constable - Dedicated Source Unit (DSU) x 2 | Counter Terrorism Policing

Police Constable/Detective Constable – Dedicated Source Unit (DSU) x 2

We welcome applications from Police Constables and Detective Constables for opportunities to join Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE) as Dedicated Source Handlers to run Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS).

This is a unique and exciting role to be a part of a proactive team engaged in combating the threat from International Terrorism, Right Wing Terrorism (RWT) and Left wing, Anarchist and Single Issue Terrorism (LASIT) across the UK and beyond.

Having successfully completed your two year probation period, your success in this role is dependent on your character and your excellent communication skills. Your police service and experience so far is less significant than your ability to build rapport with people from a broad and diverse range of backgrounds from the first time of meeting. Your ability to demonstrate empathy and your emotional intelligence will help you to gain trust and in turn elicit information that could be pivotal to the success of a National Security operation or the safe management of significant risk.

You will identify, recruit and handle CHIS to provide intelligence in support of initiatives aimed at preventing, disrupting or detecting Terrorism. Your role will include; developing, tasking and applying appropriate levels of trade craft in the management of CHIS. You will also be responsible for exploiting intelligence opportunities and the sanitising and recording of intelligence in accordance with changing threat picture.

You will also act as co-handler where appropriate to those other sources utilised by the Security Services.

You will have a good working knowledge of modern day policing, with an interest and understanding of covert investigations and have an investigative mind-set. This will include an excellent working knowledge of Information Technology and online Social media.