Quality Manager | Counter Terrorism Policing

Quality Manager

West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit (WMCTU) Digital Media Unit has recently undertaken the ISO 17025 process in order to become a nationally recognised accredited Unit.

We therefore require a professional person with excellent communication skills to undertake the role of Quality Manager. Their role is to maintain an effective Quality Management System for all individuals, processes and procedures within the Digital Media Exploitation Unit (DMEU) within WMCTU. This will be achieved by regularly reviewing, auditing and managing the internal processes undertaken within the DMEU. It will also require the successful candidate to liaise regularly with West Midlands Police and other CT units to ensure consistency across the role and responsibilities.

Although the current role would predominantly look at the Digital Media Unit is expected that within the next 12-18 months, the Quality Manager role will develop to include management of similar accreditation of individuals, systems and processes within the Forensic Management Team, IDO and Analytical Cell Siting roles.

The Quality Manager is required to have an understanding of the requirements of ISO 17025 in respect of related publications, auditing process, compliance of the individuals, systems and processes, adherence to timescales, preparation and delivery of management reports and document recording. The scope of the role has also extended to accreditation under ISO 17020 for the Forensic Management Team.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of ISO 17025 and an ability to prepare reports to a consistently high standard. Furthermore candidates should demonstrate integrity, flexibility and professionalism at all times.

You must be willing to work from the WMCTU dedicated site (near to the NEC) and be willing to travel for meetings and relevant training.