Sergeant - Controller Dedicated Source Unit (DSU) | Counter Terrorism Policing

Sergeant – Controller Dedicated Source Unit (DSU)

Applications are invited from substantive Sergeants who have been confirmed in rank for a minimum period of 12 months.

This will be a posting for West Yorkshire Police officers and a regional transfer or secondment opportunity for officers from the Regional Forces. Applicants from the Regional Forces will require permission from their current Force in order to be eligible to apply for this opportunity, as per their Home Force policy.

This is an excellent opportunity to play a key role in a unique team, supporting the work of Counter Terror Policing. As a Sergeant within CTP NE DSU, you will be responsible for the supervision and day to day management of the recruitment, maintenance and development of covert sources. This will involve ensuring compliance with RIPA, The ACPO Manual on the Management of CHIS, Force Policy and ACPO TAM Manual for the Management of CHIS, on behalf of the Security Service, Revised Codes of Practice (2018) and Force Policy.

To be considered for this role, you must have previous knowledge of source handling and have the ability to pass the H1 Controllers course and Security Service Op Managers course. You will also have a basic knowledge of RIPA, ECHR, Data Protection legislation and ACPO guidance regarding the Recording and Dissemination of Intelligence Material.

Please refer to the role profile to ensure you meet the requirements of the role.

Please note that the successful candidate will be subject to Enhanced level personal and financial vetting checks prior to appointment. You must be a British citizen and eligible to hold a British passport to work in the CTP NE.

Applicants should be aware that it is not always possible to carry out adequate vetting checks on persons who have not been resident within the UK for the last three years. Therefore, where this applies, applicants may be refused on the grounds that it was not possible to vet them to the appropriate standard.

In the interests of security, you should not discuss your application with anyone other than your immediate family.