Surveillance Sergeant | Counter Terrorism Policing

Surveillance Sergeant

This vacancy is for substantive Surveillance Sergeants only.

The surveillance sergeants role within the Counter Terrorism Organised Crime (CTOC) team is to provide tactical support to both proactive and reactive operations as directed by Force and Counter Terrorism Tasking.

In particular, operations targeting Counter Terrorism, serious and organised criminality, around guns, gangs, serious acquisitive crime and drugs. Operational focus is around those individuals and Organised Crime Groups that pose the greatest threat, risk and harm to the region to ensure we are better able to serve the public and protect them from harm. To achieve this aim, the role of a surveillance officer nationally and locally is continually evolving. To remain operationally effective it is essential that the profile of the team reflects the communities within which we work and an ability to blend in with our communities is essential.

Willing to be flexible you enter into an agreement to be deployed anywhere within the UK albeit the majority of your work will be within the West Midlands.


Specific Role Responsibilities

  • Provide operational control and direction of an operational surveillance team.
  • Responsible in liaison with the Management and training providers for the professional monitoring of training requirements and selection for surveillance operatives under command.
  • Liaise with Management to identify area of surveillance and make recommendations as to priority operations and methods of surveillance.
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with the surveillance teams of other agencies as required on joint surveillance operations.
  • Monitor vehicles and equipment used by surveillance operatives under command.
  • Supervise the daily intelligence log concerning surveillance operations for analysis and decision as to continued surveillance.
  • Supervise collation and dissemination of intelligence material gathered by operatives under command.
  • Brief team members on current operations, organise and co-ordinate methods and times of surveillance.


Competencies/Skills required for role


  • Must have a working knowledge of all legislative aspects that surround surveillance planning and operations i.e. Disclosure, Police Act 1997, Covert policing codes of practice, RIPA 2000.
  • Proven high degree of commitment, dedication and flexibility.
  • Conversant with legal issues affecting surveillance.
  • Proven experience and ability in foot, mobile and technical surveillance techniques.
  • Proven initiative and innovation whilst leading surveillance.
  • Attained Level 1 Surveillance training and advanced driver training for surveillance purposes.
  • Proven communications skills with the ability to operate effectively at a variety of levels.


  • Knowledge of the National Intelligence Model, together with the tasking and coordination process.
  • Knowledge of current developments/advancements in technology and techniques in surveillance.
  • Experience of managing a surveillance team within a major high profile incident and the reaching of operational targets as determined by the SIO.
  • Trained Risk Assessor.