Technology support officer | Counter Terrorism Policing

Technology support officer

echnology plays a crucial role in our counter terrorism (CT) efforts. Every day, our officers depend on a range of systems to combat all kinds of threats. As a CT technology support officer, you’ll play your part in complex, national IT projects and programmes that could be crucial to UK security. Make your skills count by joining our CT team.

Using your proven knowledge of ICT, you’ll support and work on tech projects and systems throughout their lifecycle. It’s an opportunity to work on all types of ICT systems, projects and processes of national significance. However, working in the secure domain brings unique demands and you must be aware of the challenges. It’s important you’ve either worked or have a good knowledge on ICT projects, systems and technologies in a similar environment.

In addition to sound technical skills, you’ll need a gift for communication. It’s important that you can listen and express yourself well, both in person and on paper. Able to present information clearly and adapt to different audiences, you’ll be a team-focused professional who shares our drive to protect the country.