Transferee - Constable, Authorised Firearms Officer - ARV/SFO/CTSFO | Counter Terrorism Policing

Transferee – Constable, Authorised Firearms Officer – ARV/SFO/CTSFO

The North West Counter Terrorism Firearms Hub based within the Greater Manchester force area provides a busy and demanding environment for Authorised Firearms Officers. The hub covers Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales, Lancashire, Cumbria and Merseyside Police areas, whilst being available for regional and national deployment when demand dictates.

Greater Manchester Police are offering transfer opportunities for qualified firearms officers who are currently trained and operationally competent as an AFO base in the Armed Response Vehicle (ARV). We are also accepting applications from SFO/CTSFO role profiles who are currently serving within a Home Office force. Depending on operational need, successful candidates will be posted within the Specialist Operations Team, which includes Manchester Airport and the Firearms Unit within the Specialist Operations Branch.

For the ARV role you will: 

• Be current in all NPFTC modules contained within the ARV role profile, with a proven level of competence in training and operational deployments to both initial and planned firearms operations.

• Have achieved Level 9.4 Bleep Test (ARV Level) within the last 12 months.

• Be medically fit to current Authorised Firearms Officer standards.

• Be serving in a recognised Home Office Force (excluding CNC & MDP).

• Further evidence to demonstrate performance, attendance; Code of Ethics and the required level of professionalism will be required.

• Display full competence against the Policing Professional Framework for the rank of Constable.

• Additional skills such as Firearms Tactical Advisor; Operational Firearms Commander (OFC), National Firearms Instructor (NFI) will be advantageous but are not essential.

• There may be opportunities for ARV role profile officers to undergo selection for the CTSFO role profile.

For the SFO/CTSFO role you will: 

• Be currently working as an SFO/CTSFO within your current force.

• Be current in all NPFTC modules contained within SFO/CTSFO role profiles.

• Have achieved Level 10.5 Bleep Test (SFO/CTSFO Level) within the last 12 months.

• Aspire to up skill to the role of CTSFO within GMP (the SFO role profile in GMP is a transitionary role and all GMP SFOs are expected to aspire to become CTSFOs).

• Be prepared to undertake an assessment of your current firearms skills on appointment in GMP.

• Current SFOs will attend a developmental course and qualify as a SFO (Live Fire).

• Once SFO (Live Fire) qualification is gained, progress to a CTSFO course as soon as a course is available.

• Any SFO who is not successful at the up skill process would deploy to ARV duties. Any CTSFO who fails to maintain competence will also deploy to ARV duties. Officers wishing to re-enter the CTSFO selection process will be reviewed on an individual basis by GMP Firearms Training Unit.