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2020 Cinema Campaign – Partners Toolkit

Communities Defeat Terrorism – and with the enduring terrorist threat, it is now more important than ever that everyone plays their part in tackling terrorism. Individual actions could save lives.

Counter Terrorism Policing is re-launching our award-winning ‘Communities Defeat Terrorism’ cinema advertising campaign. The campaign will run for 7 weeks from 6 March 2020 until 26 April 2020.  

The three terror attacks in the space of 10 weeks, the most recent being in Streatham in February, are stark reminders of the need for the public to remain vigilant and ACT if they see suspicious activity.

The public play an instrumental role in helping us defeat terrorism and we are again inviting partners and stakeholders to promote the campaign on a local level to reinforce the message Communities Defeat Terrorism.

Thanks to your support, last year’s campaign achieved widespread engagement and impact.


2019 Campaign Impact

  • Following the campaign launch, there was a 37% increase in weekly online reports from the public
  • The first week of the campaign, over half of the reports provided helpful intelligence to the police
  • Over 6 million people across the UK watched the video in cinemas
  • In the first 6 weeks there were over 17,739 visits to the website
  • Facebook posts achieved a reach of over 366,000, with over 12,000 likes, comments and shares
  • The video achieved 444,543 views on social media
  • The bespoke Instagram story achieved over 10,000 views

2020 Campaign Plan

Like the 2019 campaign, this year’s campaign is aimed at a cinema audience, and designed to run during the trailers. The 60-second film will feature bespoke, localised calls to action in an effort to fully resonate with the viewers. The film is largely unchanged apart from the localised call to action moved from the end of the film to the beginning. Using cinema to deliver the campaign ensures the message is received with fewer distractions, more impact and to more hard to reach audiences, including younger people.

The campaign launches on 6 March and will run for seven weeks. The film will be played in 152 cinemas in ten regions across England, Wales and Scotland during the trailers encouraging film-goers to ‘look again’ at suspicious activity and if they are concerned, report it.

Interested in our campaign plan? Take a look at a summary of our OASIS plan.



Content & Resources


2020 ACT Cinema Film

You can view, share and embed the ACT film from YouTube or Vimeo. Download the Video For Social Media



Press Release

The Press Release is embargoed until 00:01 on 6 March 2020

Template Press Release: embargoed until 00:01 on 6 March 2020

Social Media Content

New Videos, Images & Graphics are available to support the campaign. Please share the content with your digital teams.

If you are unable to access the videos or still imagery via Box, please contact:

Below are suggested posts. We encourage you to share these on your channels natively, tailor it to your audiences and mix between video and graphics. If you require the content in different formats contact


Suggested Post 1

Unfortunately, life has no rewind button ⏪

Seen something suspicious? Look again 👀

Reporting it won’t ruin lives, but it might save them. If it doesn’t feel right, ACT.




Suggested Post 2

Look again 👀 …it could save lives.

We’re supporting @terrorismpolice in working to keep the UK safe from terrorism.

Reporting suspicious activity won’t ruin lives, but it might save them




Our Channels

The campaign hashtag is #ActionCountersTerrorism

Please share content from our social media channels:


Internal Communications Resources

Intranet Article

You can adapt our intranet news article for use within your organisation.

Display Screen Graphics

You can download the following graphics to use on your building’s display screens and website by clicking the images below:

These clips can be used on your display screens:

ACT: Action Counters Terrorism

ACT Background

In March 2017, Counter Terrorism Policing launched ACT: Action Counters Terrorism, a branding platform that incorporates our counter-terrorism external campaigns to warn, inform and reassure the public. The Communities Defeat Terrorism ACT campaign aims to inform the public and encourage them to report suspicious activity.

There have been multiple terrorist attacks in the UK resulting in a change of rhythm and tempo in police investigations. We must continue to educate the public about the different attack planning methods beyond ‘the suspicious package’ and encouraging them to help us stop attacks by reporting suspicious activity.

Thanks to your support, during the March 2018 campaign, we saw intelligence from the public nearly double. We ran a four week online video campaign, which was supported by our partners across Government, local authorities, police forces, businesses and charities.

You can also use the following posters and leaflets to display inside your organisation’s building for general use. They have been provided in PDF and InDesign formats should you need to resize the image or add your organisation’s logo. If you require InDesign files please contact


How You Can Help

  • Adapt our news story template for your website about why you’re supporting ACT and share examples of signs to spot and how to report.
  • Share ACT: Action Counters Terrorism posters and graphics in your organisation’s building, display screens and public areas.
  • Share our digital assets and creative film on your organisation’s social media accounts.
  • Use newsletters, your website, blogs and other channels to tell the public how to report suspicious activity via
  • Use staff newsletters and intranet articles to tell internal staff how to report suspicious activity via


A3 Campaign Poster

A5 Leaflet

A4 Campaign Poster

A6 Leaflet


ACT logos

The logos below can be used for promoting the campaign.

Branding Guidelines

We have also provided guidelines with helpful information on how to use the ACT logo and branding. You can download the ACT-Brand-Identity-Guidelines.