Deterring Crime Defeating Terrorism campaign | Counter Terrorism Policing

Deterring Crime Defeating Terrorism campaign


Deterring Crime Defeating Terrorism is a pilot campaign running in four towns across England and Wales at the end of June through July 2021.  The campaign has been coordinated by NaCTSO, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, which is responsible for raising awareness and providing information that helps communities understand the risks posed by terrorism and other forms of criminality.

It has been identified that people who live in smaller towns, cities and villages often have less access to information than those living in major cities and are less likely to expect that terrorist attacks will happen where they live, so relevant literature and media has been produced to try to address this and test its impact.

The towns and city that have been chosen for this campaign have been picked because of their size and population, location within England and Wales, and location with regards to commuter access to major cities.  The locations have not been selected because they are any more at risk than any other town.

The literature mentioned above, which is to be disseminated to every household and business in the four towns, comprises the following information:

  • A booklet about Protecting Yourself, your Family, your Home, your Workplace and your Community;
  • Four Z-cards – one side on each card is the same, the other side has specific advice for Households, Holiday Makers, Lone Workers and Vehicle Users;
  • A single-page leaflet with key advice.

In addition, a variety of paid-for advertising will be tested in different combinations in the towns.

A survey has been set up to obtain the initial and immediate thoughts and opinions of all those people who are in receipt of the above information.  However, a more robust and thorough piece of research is to follow the campaign, to ascertain the impression that the campaign has left in the longer term about the material people received, in addition to establishing whether the campaign has raised people’s awareness in their everyday living in their town.  One of the purposes of the research is to establish the viability of carrying out a national Deterring Crime Defeating Terrorism campaign in the future.

In addition to the literature mentioned above, which is only available within the towns mentioned, the links below give access to the existing literature that the campaign is also trying to promote amongst the people of these towns, which is freely available to everyone.