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Four Convicted For National Action Membership

Four people were convicted on the 19 March of being members of the banned extreme right wing neo-Nazi group National Action.  A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took less than nine hours to find three men and a woman guilty, one other man had admitted membership of the group before the trial.

These convictions are the culmination of an investigation into right wing terrorism which has already seen eight people imprisoned for National Action membership as well as other offences.  National Action became the first right wing organisation to be banned by the government since World War II in December 2016.

The jury heard how the group held meetings to discuss their ambitions for a race war whilst recruiting other young people to the group. Central to the group, Cutter and Jones, amassed an arsenal of weapons and were obsessed with ‘violent ethnic cleansing’.

AC Neil Basu, Head of Counter Terrorism Policing said  “National Action is an extreme right wing neo-Nazi group. Their ambition is to prepare for a race war by amassing weapons and trying to recruit others by the spread of their extreme ideology. Their intention is as clear and as dangerous an ambition as those connected to other terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda or Daesh.”

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