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Vigilance Toolkit

With the coronavirus pandemic changing all of our day to day routines and lockdown meaning familiar places may not be as crowded as usual, it is understandable that the risk of terrorism hasn’t necessarily been front of mind across the country.

Despite lockdown restrictions being introduced, with some places remaining open in our communities there will still be busier and potentially crowded places across the UK. The recent terror attacks in Europe and the recent change in the UK’s terrorism threat level to SEVERE are reminders of how important it is to stay vigilant and report any concerns to police or local security staff immediately, wherever you are.

Now presents a good opportunity to reassure your staff and customers that their safety is a priority and ensure the public know how to report suspicious activity quickly and effectively. We’d encourage you to promote protective security measures where they are in place, highlight close working relationships you have with local police, share details of the strong security ethos that your company fosters as well as noting unpredictable security measures that aren’t always obvious to the eye. This all serves to demonstrate to the public that measures are in place, whilst doubling up to create an unnerving environment for those seeking to cause harm.

Please note: It is important the above are only communicated when in place, as there is potential for those with hostile intentions to test out whether security arrangements exist. If they are found to be lacking, this could put you at risk.

We recognize the increasing pressure on communications teams in light of the pandemic and we’re here to help you. Counter Terrorism Policing has created an easy to use toolkit containing internal and external assets to help you communicate effectively about countering terrorism with your staff and customers. Our communications team is able to support you with specific tailoring of the assets and materials in this toolkit to ensure they are appropriate for your audiences and can offer expert guidance on how to communicate appropriately too. You can get in touch with us with any queries or requests at:

Collectively, by acting, we can counter terrorism.


Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, UK head of Counter Terrorism Policing has appealed for the support of businesses:

“On 3 November, the threat level from terrorism has changed from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE as a precautionary measure in response to the events in France and Austria – I want to stress that the change is not based on a specific threat.”

“Whilst we want the public to remain alert, they should not be alarmed. Remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to police.”

“We need communities and families to bring to our attention anyone they perceive may be vulnerable, a danger or escalating towards terrorism. Anyone with information is urged to contact police at or by calling 0800 789 321.”

“To learn more about the role that you can play in defeating terrorism, free online training is available at

“More information about the official threat level can be found here:


What is included in this toolkit:
  • 15 second video clips and draft social copy with reassuring tone and call to action
  • Draft news website article about the change of UK threat level and why remaining vigilant matters even during the pandemic
  • Draft intranet / newsletter article about the change of UK threat level and why remaining vigilant matters even during the pandemic
  • Posters for use in internally/externally on location reminding the public to be vigilant and report suspicious behavior
  • Our Run, Hide, Tell communications materials remind the public how to react in the event of an unlikely violent attack


Digital materials

These are two short 15 second video clips reminding the public that we are working around the clock to keep communities safe and urging people to remain vigilant. These can be used on social media with the suggested text we’ve crafted for you.


To download the videos, click the images below, and click on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the video and select Download



Suggested Social Media copy


Copy 1:

“Our efforts can only succeed where we have the support of the public – it is communities standing together that defeats terrorism” – Head of Counter Terrorism, Neil Basu.

Please remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to police.

#ActionCountersTerrorism #CommunitiesDefeatTerrorism


Copy 2:

The cooperation between the public and the police continues to be a powerful defence. Please remain vigilant.

If you see something that doesn’t look right, report it. Your information could help save lives.

#ActionCountersTerrorism #CommunitiesDefeatTerrorism


Website materials

Public website article

Intranet article


Hard copy communications materials


Artwork for a public poster encouraging your customers to be vigilant.

If possible please display near queuing areas or entrances. The artwork can also be supplied for digital screens if required.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4


RUN, HIDE, TELL materials

RHT A5 leaflet (for print)

RHT A5 leaflet



To download the video, click the image below, and click on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the video and select Download



Social Media Copy

Terror attacks are rare, but being prepared and knowing what to do can keep you, your friends, and family safe.

RUN, if you can’t run HIDE, once safe TELL the police.