What Is It Like Working At Counter Terrorism Policing? | Counter Terrorism Policing

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What is it like working at Counter Terrorism Policing?

Interested in what it’s like to transform Counter Terrorism Policing? Our Change team gives the inside scoop.

What did you do before joining Counter Terrorism Policing?


“I spent 30 years in the Met Police doing varied roles before focusing on project management which meant my move across to CTPHQ on promotion in 2017.”

“After finishing my degree in History, I worked in Financial Services in the City — far less exciting than Counter Terrorism Policing!”

“I worked for several professional services and IT services firm as a business transformation consultant.”

“Prior to Counter Terrorism Policing I had multiple roles as a Project Support Officer within the Finance, Healthcare and Pensions sectors. My previous role was within Finance and I applied to Counter Terrorism Policing as I wanted to work within an environment that was more meaningful with a mission to support and protect our communities.”


What is your favourite part of doing Change for Counter Terrorism Policing?


“The variedness of the work and working with partners – never a dull moment!”

“As part of Change and HQ, we get the opportunity to work on lots of different projects across many areas of counter terrorism work. It’s an excellent way to learn the ropes within the National Security landscape and it never, ever gets boring!”

“Stimulating and fascinating projects, in a really friendly supportive environment and all underpinned by a strong sense of mission and purpose.”

“My favourite part of undertaking Change within Counter Terrorism Policing is the challenging, and fast paced nature of this environment as well as the diverse nature of activity and tasks I am able to undertake. I am able to transition between working within projects that have varying levels of complexity to supporting internal wellbeing and cultural initiatives that positively impact my colleagues.”


What are the biggest challenges?


“Stakeholder engagement”

“We work in an area where operational continuity and security are of the utmost importance – lives are at stake – so it can take a long time to convince stakeholders to trust a new process.”

“Getting to know the different parts of the business, but there’s always someone I can ask for assistance which is gladly given.”


What has been your proudest moment?


“Working with partner agencies to implement a multi-agency hub within one of our regions within 6 months. It was a challenging project as it meant bringing IT systems and staff from each agency to co-locate within the police building in very short timescales. I was awarded a commendation for my work, which made the challenge all worthwhile.”

“I’ve been very proud to see my strategic ideas go from general discussions to implementation. Within HQ, we have a voice on how the organisation can be improved and are listened to in a way that is empowering and motivating.”

“Getting personal thanks from the Senior Responsible Owners (SRO) of the first two projects I worked on – that’s probably more than I received in the previous 10 years before I joined Counter Terrorism Policing.”

“My proudest moment working within Counter Terrorism Policing is that I was provided support and motivation in my personal development resulting in a promotion to another area of interest. I am also proud to be working within an organisation that put such significant focus on staff wellbeing and development.”