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If you see something that doesn’t feel right report it at gov.uk/ACT. In an emergency call 999.


Media Toolkit for the UK’s live music industry


Campaign Timeline: Launched May 2022. The campaign has no end date and can be used in perpetuity. We encourage venues, in particular, to support year-round.


Counter Terrorism Policing wants live music fans to #BeSafeBeSound, as it collaborates with the UK’s music industry to deliver vital safety advice to the public.

Counter Terrorism Policing is working alongside music festivals and live music venues to ensure that the public remain safe and play a part in the wider security operation.

In 2022 the #BeSafeBeSound campaign reached over 10 million people and has been supported online and offline by over 50 festivals and venues to date including Glastonbury, The O2, Leeds & Reading Festival, BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Wembley Arena, and many more.

Counter Terrorism Policing is encouraging live music venues and festivals to:

  • Empower music fans with safety advice via online and offline methods, such as: social media, websites, digital screens, email, mobile apps, and posters.
  • Reassure music fans that they are safe and security checks are in place to ensure that they have a safe experience.
  • Educate and encourage fans to report behaviour that is out of place and not quite right, by reporting immediately to security staff.
  • Promote and support by using #BeSafeBeSound creative materials and become exemplars in security minded communications.

Further public safety information can be found at https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/

Campaign materials are available, at no cost, for your organisation, venue or festival to use on any appropriate communication platform.

Interested in getting involved? Please scroll down and follow the simple 3-step process.


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Counter Terrorism Policing are working with the UK’s live music industry this summer, as festival goers are asked to play their part in keeping people safe. 

UK Music, Festival Republic and The O2 are amongst those supporting Counter Terrorism Policing’s #BeSafeBeSound campaign which highlights the importance of reporting suspicious activity.

Counter Terrorism Policing’s Senior National Coordinator for Protect and Prepare Laurence Taylor said: “The terrorist threat remains a reality. Since 2017 we have disrupted almost 40 late-stage terror attacks alongside our colleagues at MI5.

“Whilst there is no specific intelligence to indicate an increased threat to live music events, the UK’s terrorism threat level remains at substantial.

“Our casework indicates that large events remain potentially attractive targets to terrorists and it’s absolutely vital that the public are vigilant this summer.

“We have a brilliant range of partners and organisations on board this year who are helping us make sure live music fans know what to do if they see something that doesn’t feel right. Our advice is to always tell security or speak to the police.

“Whilst we are working around the clock to detect new threats and disrupt terrorist activity, the intelligence and information we receive from the public should not be underestimated.

“Around a fifth of the online reports and calls we receive every year are particularly useful to us – turning into arrests, building intelligence pictures or kick-starting new investigations.”

Created in 2021, #BeSafeBeSound urges music lovers to stay alert to any signs of hostile reconnaissance and follow safety advice or security procedures in place at events and venues.

Since its launch, the campaign has reached over 10 million people in the UK via social media and other platforms.

Over 60 organisations are now backing the campaign, which will be seen at events across the UK in the coming weeks.


UK Music Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said:

“We all want live music events to be as safe as possible, so UK Music is delighted to support the #BeSafeBeSound campaign.”

“Each of us all has a role to play in keeping each other safe at concerts and festivals – whether that is fans staying vigilant and reporting suspicious activity, or event organisers sharing these important security messages with their audiences.

“Whilst the police and other agencies are working hard to protect us, we all have a responsibility to do what we can to help keep each other safe at live events.”


#BeSafeBeSound is also being supported by the Night Czar for London, Amy Lamé:

“The capital’s live music events are the envy of the world, and everyone has the right to enjoy them.

“I’m supporting the #BeSafeBeSound campaign to highlight the importance of reporting anything suspicious to police or security staff, so that we can all enjoy ourselves this summer as we build a safer city for all Londoners.”


Our advice for anyone attending a live music event:

  • Arrive early for extra security measures. This will help prevent delays in getting into the event.
  • Be patient with security checks and don’t give security, staff or stewards a hard time. It might seem inconvenient, but these measures are in place to help you.
  • It is essential that you don’t bring unnecessary items to the event; this will help to speed up searches and your entry to the event.
  • If you spot something that doesn’t feel right, report it to police or to security staff immediately: don’t leave it to someone else.
  • If you see something on social media that concerns you, report it.
  • In an emergency, if you think there is an immediate risk, always call 999 and look around you for help from staff – especially those with radios who can raise the alarm quickly.
  • Don’t leave bags unattended or anywhere they could cause a security scare. And never agree to look after anyone else’s bags, no matter how genuine they seem.
  • If there is an incident, listen to staff and any announcements.
  • Remember, the chance of being caught in a terrorism incident is small. But if it happens – Run, Hide, Tell.


More information on what to look out for can be found at www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/

If you see or hear something that doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and ACT. Report it in confidence at www.gov.uk/ACT. You will not be wasting our time. Your actions could save lives.

You can follow and support the campaign at @TerrorismPolice on Twitter and @counterterrorismpoliceuk on Facebook using #BeSafeBeSound



Media interviews

Interviews available on request.

Please contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk for further details


#BeSafeBeSound supporters include…


Step 1. View & download the campaign content


Please click the button below to visit the Download Area. 

Here you can view and download the campaign creatives in a range of styles and formats. We welcome you to add your logo if you wish. If you require any specific sizes or have any questions, please contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk


Step 2. Review the Social Media, Communication & Campaign Guidelines


Before you go live with the campaign, please review the campaign guidelines by clicking the tabs below.

What are the campaign guidelines and which channels can I use?

Before going live with the campaign, please review the guidelines below:


  • Think about the customer journey throughout your venue or festival. Please consider as many channels as possible – Think about which areas live music fans will pass through and how they can consume the message i.e. toilets, queue areas, concourses, stage-side screens
  • Amplify as often as possible. Consider an “always on” plan – Consider how you can prime your customers with the messaging prior to an event (social media, newsletters, apps). Please ensure that the campaign is a permanent fixture as part of wider security communications. If you are a venue please support the campaign all year round.
  • When amplifying on social media please always use the campaign hashtag #BeSafeBeSound
  • Please do add your logo to the creatives if required
  • Ensure that security staff are equipped with the correct training to recognise signs to spot and know what to do should they receive a report. 
Can I co-brand or amend campaign content?

We welcome you to co-brand the campaign content and add your logo’s where suitable.

Should you require the addition of your logo please feel free to edit this yourself, or you can contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk and the Communications team at Counter Terrorism Policing can amend.

What are the guidelines for using social media?

Before going live with the campaign on social media, please become familiar with the social media guidelines below:

  • Ensure that you use the hashtag #BeSafeBeSound in any of your posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This a requirement for campaign evaluation.
  • Tag the Counter Terrorism Policing account within your post, where possible (channels noted below)
  • We anticipate that venues and festivals will have their own brand tone-of-voice to suit their audiences. We are happy for you to use your own copy, however please refer to the examples below and retain the overall feel of the message.
  • Co-authoring Instagram posts – Please feel free to co-author posts on Instagram with Counter Terrorism Policing. For approval please contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk
  • Feel free to use Twitter Cards and link to either your safety advice page or Counter Terrorism Policing’s music safety advice page – https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/
  • Post as freely as you like. This campaign is ongoing so please post around key moments and events i.e. weeks/hours before an event starts, whilst fans are queueing at a festival, after a ticket announcement. We encourage you to be consistent with posting and for the campaign to be a regular fixture in your social media calendar. 


Please also share and RT #BeSafeBeSound content from our social media channels:


Social media copy examples

We have provided copy suggestions below which you are welcome to use across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We welcome you to freely adapt to your brand tone-of-voice and to use the hashtag #BeSafeBeSound. This is critical for evaluation.


Example 1 

If you’re heading to [ tonight’s / today’s / this weekend’s event ], follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice
❗ Be patient with security checks and staff
🔊 Report to security if you see something that doesn’t feel right
🎵 Enjoy the event
🔄 RT to share the message



Example 2 

Who’s ready for @ARTISTHANDLE tonight?
Follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound
❗ Be patient with security checks. They keep you safe.
🔊 Tell security if you see something that doesn’t feel right.
👉 Visit this safety advice page – https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/
🎵 Enjoy the gig!



Example 3

Looking forward to joining us at @EVENTNAME?
Before you arrive remember that security checks are in place to keep you safe.
Look after each other and report anything that doesn’t feel right.
Follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound 👇



Example 4

⚡️ Security checks are in place to keep you safe ⚡️
If you spot something that doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and report it to security staff straight away.
Follow advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound
Enjoy the show! 🎵



Example 5

🚨 All set for @FESTIVALNAME?!? 🚨
Ticket ✅
Tent ✅
Ready for the best weekend of your life? ✅
Remember to #BeSafeBeSound and look after each other.
Follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice 👇



Example 6

 Looking forward to joining us at @VENUE/FESTIVALNAME?
Follow advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound
❗ Be patient with security checks. They keep you safe.
🔊 Tell security if you see something which doesn’t feel right
🤘 Enjoy the show!
⚠️ Follow the safety advice below
Where can I find further security information to use on my website?

The following page contains detailed security information specifically for festivals and venues – https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/

Please add this information to the security page on your website and hyperlink to the web page noted above. 

You can also link out to the page on social media.

Training for security staff and stewards at venues and festivals

Counter Terrorism Policing is encouraging security staff at live music venues and festivals to take up training in order to recognise suspicious behaviour, understand what to do should a member of the public report something that isn’t quite right, and what to do should a terrorist attack occur.

The ACT Awareness E-Learning training package is a free-to-access platform and takes only 45 minutes to complete.

In order to access the training please visit the Protect UK website, here.

Security briefing information for venue and festival staff
Security Minded Communications training for Media & Communications teams at venues and festivals

Have you ever wondered how terrorists and other criminals plan? What information do they need and how do they get it? And what can you, as a professional communicator, do to make it more difficult for them to plan successfully?

Counter Terrorism Policing, in collaboration with City of London Police, provide a two-and-a-half hour training course encouraging you to see communications through their eyes. It is aimed at professional communicators (in-house or agency). We also welcome along security managers, who we encourage to work together with their communications teams.

You will learn how to use a Security Minded Communications approach to make it difficult for terrorists and other criminals to get the information they need and undermine their plans. You’ll find out how Security Minded Communications has been used to help keep other organisations, venues and events secure, and how you can apply this approach to your day-to-day work.

To register your interest, contact us at nctphq.comms@met.police.uk


Step 3. Tell us how you plan to support


We are encouraging music venues, festivals, and live music-related organisations across the UK to support the campaign by publicising the campaign.

We welcome the use of any communication platform: social media channels, websites, digital screens on concourses, digital screens beside the stage, newsletters, posters, apps. We want to reach the public via as many channels as possible across the customer journey.

Once live, please send photos and videos of the campaign in action at your festival, venue, or business. 

Please contact us with any questions or queries.