#BeSafeBeSound - Campaign Guidelines | Counter Terrorism Policing

If you see something that doesn’t feel right report it at gov.uk/ACT. In an emergency call 999.



Social Media & Campaign Guidelines


Thank you for considering supporting the #BeSafeBeSound campaign. If required, you can navigate to the other Toolkit pages via the links below:

For any further information or assistance please contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk

Social Media Guidelines


Before going live with the campaign on social media, please become familiar with the social media guidelines below:


  • Ensure that you use the hashtag #BeSafeBeSound in any of your posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This a requirement for campaign evaluation.
  • Tag the Counter Terrorism Policing account within your post, where possible (channels noted below)
  • We anticipate that venues and festivals will have their own brand tone-of-voice to suit their audiences. We are happy for you to use your own copy, however please refer to the examples below and retain the overall feel of the message.
  • Co-authoring posts – Please feel free to co-author posts on Instagram with Terrorism Police. For approval please contact nctphq.comms@met.police.uk
  • Feel free to use Twitter Cards and link to either your safety advice page or Counter Terrorism Policing’s music safety advice page – https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/
  • Post as freely as you like. This campaign is ongoing so please post around key moments and events i.e. weeks/hours before an event starts, whilst fans are queueing at a festival, after a ticket announcement.


Please also share and RT #BeSafeBeSound content from our social media channels:


We have provided copy suggestions below which you are welcome to use across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We welcome you to freely adapt to your brand tone-of-voice and to use the hashtag #BeSafeBeSound

Post Suggestion 1:

If you’re heading to [ tonight’s / today’s / this weekend’s event ], follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice
Be patient with security checks and staff
🔊 Report to security if you see something that doesn’t seem right
🎵 Enjoy the event
🔄 RT to share the message

Post Suggestion 4:

⚡️ Security checks are in place to keep you safe ⚡️
If you spot something that doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and report it to security staff straight away.
Follow advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound
Enjoy the show! 🎵

Post Suggestion 2:

Who’s ready for @ARTISTHANDLE tonight?
Follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound
Be patient with security checks. They keep you safe.
🔊 Tell security if you see something out of place.
👉 Visit this safety advice page – https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/
🎵 Enjoy the gig!


Post Suggestion 5:

🚨 All set for @FESTIVALNAME?!? 🚨
Ready for the best weekend of your life?
Remember to #BeSafeBeSound and look after each other.
Follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice 👇

Post Suggestion 3:

Looking forward to joining us at @EVENTNAME?
Before you arrive remember that security checks are in place to keep you safe.
Look after each other and report anything that doesn’t seem right.
Follow safety advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound 👇

Post Suggestion 6:

 Looking forward to joining us at @VENUE/FESTIVALNAME?
Follow advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound
Be patient with security checks. They keep you safe.
🔊 Tell security if you see something which feels not quite right.
🤘 Enjoy the show!
⚠️ Follow the safety advice below

Amplifying further security advice on your website and on social media


Please link out to the following web page on any festival and venue website – https://www.counterterrorism.police.uk/safetyadvice/

This web page contains further safety advice for the public and can hyperlinked where appropriate

Please feel free to link out the page on any social media posts or include as a Twitter Card

Amplifying security advice and campaign information to your staff


You are welcome to communicate the campaign internally to staff within your organisation, festival, or venue.

Please find documents and information below:


Editing The Creatives


Both the static and video creative assets can be edited to meet your needs – within limitation. See below for supporting information surrounding the creative working files:


Static Creative Assets – Photoshop, PSD format

There is one creative working file for all static assets, each folder is organised by Creative Asset messaging (1 to 5) and dimensions of a specific asset clearly marked (SQ, IGS, 4×5) by dimensions and contain all layers contributing to the final creative asset.

The copy messaging has been designed and developed with specialist behavioural insight. You are welcome to use any of the five messages with any of the 5 image styles.

If necessary, please adjust the positioning of compositional elements to fit your brand logos or required messaging.

Please avoid amending the messaging within the creative. The copy has been specifically designed alongside behavioural insight experts.

You can hide layers as required to make room for additional elements for example, adding in a logo. 


Video Creative Assets – Premiere Pro, PR format

The creative working file is organised by nested sequences for each Barrier Asset message (1 to 5). Within each sequence there are nested sequences labelled by their specific dimensions (SQ, IGS, 4×5). You must select which Barrier Message you would like to edit and then which dimension you would like to export / adjust.

You can adjust the audio bed if desired and the end card is able to be extended to add in any further messaging or brand logos. Copy is not editable on video formats and nor is the compositional arrangement of the main video sequence. The copy has been specifically designed alongside behavioural insight experts.

A note on Instagram Stories Portrait formats. The video has been segmented into two to ensure the messaging fits within 15 seconds duration. The end card is treated as separate and here you have the opportunity to adjust as required to incorporate any further messaging or brand logos.

Export settings have been pre-set and are optimised for social media channels, so there is no need to adjust settings here.