ACT Awareness e-Learning Marks Second Anniversary | Counter Terrorism Policing

If you see something that doesn’t feel right report it at In an emergency call 999.

ACT Awareness e-Learning Marks Second Anniversary

Access to online counter terrorism training made easier for home users.

Counter Terrorism officers are making their internationally renowned, online training for the public easier to access from home.

As the ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Awareness e-Learning course marks its second anniversary, police are launching an updated version, with the latest advice from security experts and a simplified registration system so anyone wanting to take part can help keep the UK safe.

Over 400,000 people have taken part in the award-winning programme since its launch in April 2018, together completing nearly 2.5 million modules. Nine out of ten participants said they would recommend the package.

It takes just 45 minutes to work through the six sections and can be done on a personal or work computer, laptop or tablet – all in one session or one module at a time.

The course has prompted interest from police forces across the globe. It explains how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and what to do to help yourself, others and the emergency responders if an attack should take place.

Senior National Coordinator for Protective Security, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi says: “This is really useful training that anyone can do and access at any time. It’s an opportunity for you to play your part in protecting the national security of the UK.

“I know these are difficult and unprecedented times. During COVID-19 CT Policing continues and we would ask that you help us by being a CT Citizen and undertaking this training.

“As we saw just this weekend, with a suspected terrorist stabbing attack in France leaving two dead and five injured, we all need to remain aware of the threat.

“Whilst many people are spending more time working online from home, I’m asking if you could find time and take just 45 minutes to complete the course.”

Version 2 of ACT Awareness e-Learning, which is a collaboration between police and security experts from Marks and Spencer and e-learning specialist Highfield, is available by clicking here.

Companies can register on behalf of all employees and share the login details with their staff.

Those already registered will be sent the link to Version 2 automatically in the near future.