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If you see something that doesn’t feel right report it at In an emergency call 999.

Counter Terrorism Policing urge vigilance ahead of Coronation

As communities across the UK prepare to mark the coronation of King Charles III, Counter Terrorism Policing are asking people to help keep each other safe by staying alert at public events across the country.  

Over the coming week Counter Terrorism Policing will support local police forces and play a significant role in protective security operations for celebrations in towns and cities across the country.

With events planned at a range of venues and in the heart of communities, public vigilance and support is vital in keeping people safe and detecting any suspicious activity.

Counter Terrorism Policing’s Senior National Coordinator for Protect and Prepare, Laurence Taylor, said: “We know lots of people are planning to enjoy the Coronation weekend up and down the country, and what we want is for everyone to be able to do so safely.

“While you’re celebrating, Counter Terrorism Policing and colleagues across UK policing will be working to keep you safe. There are extensive measures in place to mitigate risk and monitor the terrorist threat against the backdrop of an historic moment, both nationally and internationally.

“Please help support us by staying alert and trusting your instincts if you see something that doesn’t feel right – it is never a waste of time to report your concerns or speak to security or police.”

Counter Terrorism Policing is working closely with the various police forces involved in the policing operation for the main Coronation events and ceremonies in London and Windsor. This includes providing specialist protective security advice and deploying security measures and resources in support of the major policing operation, which is already underway.

Counter Terrorism Policing will also be working intensively with colleagues at borders and ports across the UK, ensuring the safe arrival of international visitors and delegations.

Our network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors will be supporting businesses and event organisers as they prepare for the celebrations and are also asking businesses to encourage the public to remain alert.

Project Servator officers, who are specially-trained to disrupt hostile reconnaissance, are also being deployed in towns and cities aimed at disrupting hostile activity.

Working with partners, Counter Terrorism Policing will also be monitoring the intelligence picture, which includes reports of suspicious activity from the public and businesses.

“The value of information provided by our communities cannot be underestimated, with reports submitted online or through phone calls to police regularly creating opportunities for arrests or enhancing existing investigations.

“Over the coming days, Coronation events across the whole UK will bring the public shoulder to shoulder with our officers and staff, some who you’ll see and some you won’t. The message from all of us is to please look out for one another.”

If you’ve seen or heard something that could potentially be related to terrorism, trust your instincts and report it at

You can also speak to your local police force by calling 101 or submitting information online.

Always call 999 in an emergency.