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If you see something that doesn’t feel right report it at gov.uk/ACT. In an emergency call 999.

“Go For It…Make A Difference”

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A career in Counter Terrorism Policing is like no other. Each and every role works in partnership to help confront the terrorist threat, whilst thriving to keep the public safe.

The national network stretches across the UK and sees the employment of specialist officers and staff, who work around the clock to find information and evidence to thwart terrorist planning and bring perpetrators to justice.

In short, roles in Counter Terrorism can save lives; every single employee is seen as an asset to national security. This month, we’re giving a deeper insight into some of the roles available to a range of people with a vast variety of skills and interests.

The Counter Terrorism Policing national network is currently working on a record number of more than 800 investigations. Investigative leads have doubled, caseloads are up 22%, surveillance is at full stretch on critical targets and the amount of digital data to find and wade through has grown significantly.

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. I work with thousands of people – who get up every day to do something to rid the world of this evil. They don’t need to be motivated to save lives and they are often running towards the danger that most of the time none of you can see.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu

UK Counter Terrorism Policing

Liaison, building relationships and coordination of policing activity alongside partners worldwide is a pivotal part of Counter Terrorism Policing. To avoid confusion and ensure operations and investigations are streamlined there is often a dedicated point of contact. This is usually the role of a Regional Ports Tactical Advisor, who has in-depth knowledge of the limits and possibilities which assist lead decision makers at crucial times.

Interested? Hear from those who have first hand experience…

Go for it, do it, don’t be put off, don’t think it seems too complicated. We have many in Counter Terrorism Policing from all policing backgrounds and they all started at the beginning and have brought something new; developed as individuals and made a real difference.

Counter Terrorism Policing is a completely different world to that of mainstream policing. You work with different legislation that provides you with greater police powers to get the job done. You are exposed to operations and security partners that you never knew existed and will be amazed at what they do, where they operate and how they rely on Counter Terrorism Policing to help them here in the UK and overseas (often I pinch myself and say am I really doing this, did they really just tell me that!)  

A lot of what you do you will never be able to talk about, but you will quietly make a difference and the one operation you partake in or that one piece of intelligence you gather could make all the difference and prevent serious loss of life, damage to critical infrastructure, disrupt activity of a hostile state country and ultimately make our country and it citizens feel safe and protected – who would not want to do that!

Regional Ports Tactical Advisor

Counter Terrorism Policing, Avon and Somerset

This is just one of a variety of roles available within Counter Terrorism Policing. What’s stopping you?