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Know The Game Plan


Security is a team effort.

Sports fans can play their part this season and Know The Game Plan by reporting any security concerns to stewards or staff.

Counter Terrorism Policing have been working closely with a range of sporting organisations in an effort to enhance measures designed to keep supporters safe, and to raise awareness of the threat from terrorism among club employees and supporters.

While there is no specific threat to sporting events, Counter Terrorism Policing have worked alongside the Premier League, English Football League, all 92 football league clubs, as well as Premiership Rugby.

Prior to the 2018 World Cup, Counter Terrorism Policing teamed up with Alan Shearer, David Seaman, and Paul Parker in an effort to offer security advice to those watching the games. Find out more about the Know The Game Plan campaign during the World Cup. 

The project is part of a wider police plan to work more closely with different sectors such as retail, hospitality and entertainment to help protect the public.

Nearly a quarter of a million sports event stewards have been issued with a short guide giving key advice to help protect crowds of spectators.

The cooperation between the public and the police is a powerful defence. Fans can play their part by remembering these tactics:

  • Arrive early, allowing more time for security checks
  • Minimise what you carry, fewer bag searches will speed up entry to the ground
  • Be vigilant at all times and if you see anything suspicious, tell a steward right away
  • If you see anything that could pose an immediate threat to safety, call 999
  • In an emergency, listen to the Public Address instructions and follow them
  • If told to evacuate, do so immediately, do not wait around to film events on your mobile
  • Move right away from the stadium as quickly as possible for your safety and to allow clear access for any emergency vehicles
  • Once you are safe, follow the local police force on Twitter for updates

Find out more information about Know The Game Plan and our partnership with the Premier League and EFL.