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1 November 2020

The CT Vulnerability Support Hubs (VSHs) are partnership services between NHS Forensic mental health teams and Policing, commissioned by CTPHQ in 2016.

29 October 2020

Man who acted on his extremist views and promoted Daesh on social media has been convicted of terrorism-related offences.

29 October 2020

The 27 year old man from Great Glen has today (Thursday, October 29) appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court.

9 October 2020

Two HMP Whitemoor prisoners who tried to murder a prison officer have both received life sentences.

6 October 2020

17-year-old boy from Rugby with extreme right views who offered to build weapons for individuals online has been found guilty of terrorism offences.

29 September 2020

Wigan student who was found with instructions of how to make explosives and construct a suicide vest has been jailed for over 4 years.

17 September 2020

Deputy Assistant Commissioner urges public to remain vigilant despite decrease in terrorism arrests.

20 August 2020

Hashem Abedi ordered to serve a minimum of 55 years behind bars for his role in the Manchester Arena attack - which killed 22 people.

18 August 2020

A woman who kept secret her brother’s plot to kill people in a terrorist attack has been sentenced.

17 July 2020

As of Friday 17 July 2020, it is an offence to be a member or support FKD, with those found guilty facing up to 10 years in prison and an unlimited fine.