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30 October 2018

Police want heavy vehicle operators and drivers to help prevent attacks.

24 October 2018

Neil Basu reveals new investigation figures at Home Affairs Committee

17 October 2018

Over 1500 companies receive innovative training that could help prevent terror attacks

20 September 2018

The number of terrorists brought to justice has reached its highest level

5 September 2018

Two suspects identified and charged in relation to Salisbury Attack

10 August 2018

CT Policing and football clubs give stewards information to help deter terrorism

24 July 2018

Vigilant tube driver saw suspicious items and told police, launching an investigation

20 July 2018

Boys demonstrated interest in violence and expressed desire to act out their fascinations

19 July 2018

A joint Police, MI5 and FBI investigation convicts 20 year old London man.

19 July 2018

Bomb making guides, extreme right wing propaganda and racist imagery uncovered.