Ayesha | Counter Terrorism Policing

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Detective Constable

Can you tell us a bit about your career journey?


I started nearly 10 years ago, as a uniformed officer working in response. 

I then worked in various departments, such as Neighbourhood Policing, Missing Persons Unit, CID, domestic violence unit (CSU) with some work in robbery, and then I made my way into Counter Terrorism Policing.


What made you want to join policing?

I had always wanted to join Counter Terrorism Policing, because of what was going on in the world, the culture and the part of the world I come from, which is South East Asia.

I thought I could make a difference.


Can you share how CTP has supported your career development?

It has been an amazing journey. While I’ve been at CTP, I have learned a lot from my colleagues.

I have managed to develop my career in many ways.

I came in as an officer, I managed to get my first full deployment as a family liaison officer and got experience assisting a family.

I also completed my Tier 3 interview course and since then I have helped many people using my skills.

I’ve actually not just done those courses, but put them into practice in the real world, assisting people.


Why do you love your job?

I genuinely really love the job. What I love most about this it is being able to talk to people.

Whether it’s difficult times, for a suspect’s family or a victim’s family or it is a witness, just being there for them and giving them listening ears.

I wanted to bring my cultural knowledge together with my Counter Terrorism Policing knowledge and put the two together and see how in the future I could help people and safeguard them.


Would you recommend a career to with CTP?

If you feel that you want to be an officer and explore the career, I would say join it.

Maybe try it as a Special Constable, or just join it and be part of it and see how you feel.


What advice would you give to women aspiring to join the police?

Please join. Don’t think about it. It is an amazing career and an amazing opportunity.

I actually love it and it amazing to see how my kids are so proud of me.


What are your most memorable moments?

I’ve worked in many different departments and I have got quite a few memorable moments.

However, it’s the little snippets, like being able to help a woman who was struggling to come out of a very violent relationship.

I was able to support her and be there for her as an officer.

She did not know how to get out of the relationship and stand up against the horrendous violence she was facing. 

I was able to assist her with that and make a difference.


*For operational and security reasons, we have not used the officer’s real name