Ruth | Counter Terrorism Policing

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Head of Data Science
Ruth O'Malley


What do you love about your job?

Working in an increasingly progressive environment and trying to forge internal and external partnerships to make a real difference by introducing Data Science specialisms to CT Policing.


What support has CTP given you?

Opportunities to undertake world class training and development. Also allowing me to work flexibly to support my home life as well as having a career.


What’s been your worst and best moments?

The best moments are much easier than worst. I have loved leading, nurturing and developing staff to help them perform their best.

I’ve also loved contributing to live investigations knowing the digital evidence that I’m analysing will play an important role in charging and convicting dangerous people.

Thirdly I loved giving police staff a more prominent voice through creating a Police Staff Network in CTP North West recognising their vital contribution to CT Policing. My consistent worst moments have been defending the important role police staff have in this challenging space. 

This is improving as time goes on but there is still too much of a divide between officers and staff and I’d be delighted for the day that we work consistently together as a team appreciating each other for the skills we bring together.


Do you have any reflections on your career in policing?

I have found my career to be fascinating, challenging, and an area for constant innovation. I still feel incredibly lucky to still come to work after nearly 20 years having new challenges every day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey!


Why would you recommend a job in CTP?

It’s a fascinating subject matter with some great team players who want to do the best to help protect national security. Every day is a learning day with the opportunity to get involved in so much if you work hard.


What’s been your proudest moment working for CTP?

Launching the Police Staff network in CTP North West


How has CTP invested in you?

I have been lucky enough to have had brilliant training both with the FBI and at the College of Policing through the leadership development programme, Aspire.

I have also been lucky to have had some supportive line managers who have challenged me to grow and given me the support and backing to develop myself.