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Salisbury & Amesbury Investigation


Suspects Identified

Two suspects have been identified in relation to the Salisbury
attack. They were named by the Crown Prosecution
Service as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

Do you know or recognise either of these men? Did you see them in
the UK between Friday 2 March and Sunday 4 March?

If you have any information contact the investigation team on 0800
789 321 or email

UK Counter Terrorism Policing announced a major update, Wednesday 5 September, in relation to the Salisbury & Amesbury Investigation.

The Crown Prosecution Service has authorised charges against two suspects including attempted murder of Sergei Skripal; conspiracy to murder Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal and Nick Bailey; use of a chemical weapon; and causing grievous bodily harm to Yulia Skripal and Nick Bailey.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing, then outlined the evidence the police investigation had produced. The investigation has tracked two suspects as they enter the UK, arriving at London Gatwick Airport on a flight from Moscow, Russia on Friday 2 March 2018. They then travel via public transport to a hotel in Bow Road, London where they stayed overnight.

On Saturday 3 March, the suspects travelled from London Waterloo station to Salisbury. It is believed the suspects carried out reconnaissance before returning to London.

The following day, Sunday 4 March, the suspects again travelled to Salisbury, and CCTV images identify them at key locations around the city. It is during this visit that it is believed the suspects carried out the attack, before they returned to London, travelled to London Heathrow Airport and returned to Moscow, Russia.

To illustrate the investigative update, we have produced a range of content available to view, download and share:

Box & Bottle Revealed

Images of the ‘perfume’ box, bottle and applicator that were found in Charlie Rowley’s flat have been released.

The investigation team would like to hear from anyone who saw the items between Sunday 4 March and Wednesday 27 June.

Investigation Update

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, UK Counter Terrorism Policing Lead, provides a detailed update on the Salisbury & Amesbury Investigation.

You can download the full statement, as delivered by Neil Basu. The statement is also available in Russian.

Crown Prosecution Service Update

Sue Hemming, Director of Legal Services, Crown Prosecution Service, provides an update on the Salisbury & Amesbury Investigation and announces charges brought against the suspects.

You can also download the full statement, as delivered by Sue Hemming.

Public Health England Update

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, provides an update on the Salisbury & Amesbury Investigation and offers reassurance and advice.

You can download the full statement, as delivered by Dame Sally Davies.