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Liverpool teenager convicted of preparing acts of terrorism

Jacob Graham, 20, from Norris Green in Liverpool appeared at Manchester Crown Court yesterday (22 February 2024) where he was convicted of the following offences:

• Preparation of terrorist acts, contrary to section 5(1)(b) of the Terrorism Act 2006
• Two counts of dissemination of terrorist publications, contrary to Section 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006
• Four counts of possession of material likely to be useful to a terrorist, contrary to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000

Jacob Graham

Jacob Graham was arrested on Friday 26 May 2023 under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000 by officers from Merseyside Police and Counter Terrorism Policing North West.

The warrant which was carried out at his address on Outer Forum in Merseyside was executed as part of an investigation into purchases of chemicals that could have been used to make explosives.

As the investigation into Graham’s activities progressed, officers reviewed his media devices and identified that he had collected a huge number of manuals, instructions and publications, which focused on providing instructions for the manufacture of firearms, ammunition and explosives; some of which were printed out and stored in a folder in his home.

Graham was found to have constructed a document entitled ‘Freedom Encyclopaedia’ and shared it with contacts over the internet.

Forensics examining a package buried by Graham

This was a manual filled with instructions on how to build weapons, including shotguns, nail bombs, explosives, including Black Powder (also known as gunpowder) and plastic explosive; ignition devices and instructions on how the perpetrators might evade the police.

This document contained an opening paragraph that described the book being written for ‘misfits, social nobodies, Anarchists and Terrorists’ and the prosecution argued he intended this to assist others in committing their own acts of terrorism and that Graham was motivated both by hatred of the government and ecological concerns.

The court also heard how Graham had sent instructional documents on construction of explosives and a home-made submachine gun to online contacts and in doing so was reckless as to whether they would provide assistance in the commission of acts of terrorism.

Graham was found to be not guilty on one additional charge on the indictment, that he had himself engaged in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.

The jury heard evidence that Graham had written a document setting out his plan to commit a bombing campaign with the aim of killing 50 or more people, and that he had then gone on to acquire chemicals and experiment with construction of explosives.

Jacob Graham

Graham has been remanded into custody until Monday 18 March for sentencing.

Andy Meeks, Counter Terrorism Policing North West Superintendent,  said:

“I hope this investigation offers some reassurance to the public as it highlights the great proactive work our officers do to identify extremist activity.

“Online extremism is a growing threat and this case sadly is a prime example; where a young man from Merseyside has become radicalised online, without ever having left his bedroom.

“He shared extreme content online recklessly and without any regard for who received his instructions or for what purpose.

“He even went so far as to say he intended this material to be instructional to other terrorists. In communications with unknown users online, Graham was found to have been encouraging and inciting terrorist activity, he also shared information, downloaded bomb making instructions and encouraged others to take part in acts of violence.

Jacob Graham’s bedroom

“This online activity is dangerous and can rightly carry a heavy prison sentence to ensure our communities are kept safe. If you are engaging in similar behaviour online, know this is not a victimless crime and you could face arrest and many years in prison.

“I also want to encourage the public to report any possible extremist activity as soon as possible. I understand how difficult this decision might be but if you have suspicions, you must report them sooner rather than later. Reporting won’t ruin lives but it could save them.”

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