Three guilty of conspiring to sell a firearm to a terrorist | Counter Terrorism Policing

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Three guilty of conspiring to sell a firearm to a terrorist

Three members of an organised crime group (OCG) have been sentenced for their part in selling a firearm to a terrorist.

Three men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transfer a prohibited firearm on 7 November at the Inner London Crown Court and were yesterday (27/11) sentenced to a total of more than 36 years’ imprisonment.

The group conspired to sell a firearm and ammunition which had been adapted to make a viable lethal weapon to Edward Little.

Officers walking through a xmas market

Police Officers walking through a Christmas Market

On 19 May 2023, Little pleaded guilty to planning a terrorist attack at Hyde Park in London.

He was arrested on 23 September last year on his way to collect the firearm from the OCG for his planned attack. He is due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey on 15 December for preparation of terrorist acts.

As a result, the firearm never made it into Little’s possession, and it was subsequently recovered by police following search warrants at addresses controlled by the OCG.

This coincided with multiple arrests.

It was accepted that the defendants in this case did not know that the firearm was intended for use in a terrorist attack, but it was established that their intention was to sell a functioning weapon and it was going to a now convicted terrorist.

Tyler King, aged 21, of Denmark Hill, Lewisham pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transfer a prohibited firearm, as well as possession of a prohibited firearm and three counts of possession of ammunition without lawful authority. He was sentenced to 10 years and nine months’ imprisonment.

Caleb Wenyeve, aged 21, of Blidworth Close, Strelley in Nottingham was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment after also entering a guilty plea to conspiracy to transfer a prohibited firearm along with Reis Forde, aged 27, of HMP Rochester who was sentenced to 13 years and six months’ imprisonment.

Head of CTPSE, Detective Chief Superintendent Olly Wright, said:

“King, Wenyeve and Forde were working together to supply a viable firearm along with ammunition.

“Although they didn’t know Edward Little’s plan to commit a terrorist attack with the firearm, they entered into an agreement with Little to sell him a fully functioning gun and live ammunition.

“They went a step further by sending a video of the working mechanisms of the weapon as proof to the buyer that it was a viable firearm.

“This organised crime group was unraveled quickly.  The case is a prime example of the skill of our teams in Counter Terrorism Policing and our determination to disrupt and bring to justice criminals whose activity could facilitate terrorism or harm our national security.

“All cases linked to terrorism will be vigorously pursued and brought before the courts.”

Following a trial, a jury acquitted them all on Friday (24/11) for the further charge of conspiracy to supply a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Sinead Doyle, aged 26, of Lyon Street, Bognor Regis, West Sussex was found not guilty on all counts by a jury at the same hearing.

She had been on trial for conspiracy to transfer a prohibited firearm and conspiracy to supply a firearm with intent to endanger life.